Friday, August 1, 2008

We Have But One Purpose

Our goal to get Vince Chowdhury to resign from the Jeffco School District Board of Education is singular: someone needs to stand up for what's right. Since Vince doesn't have the capacity to act with integrity, we will demand it of him in public and private settings.

This effort is also a public statement that domestic abuse is wrong. Plain and simple; there are no excuses. Many people associated with the Chowdhury's have seen the intimidation and control Vince has over the female members of his family. Today we validate these women as humans with the right to live their lives free of fear, abuse and control. Our hope is that they can break free of this cycle of abuse through the shedding of light on the situation and people to stand in support of these women.

Who are we? We're concerned parents and citizens of Jefferson County. We've been involved in school board issues for many years and have seen Vince's pattern of disrespect toward women escalate into numerous instances of inappropriate behavior. For example, on March 1, 2007 Vince was so disrespectful to then-President Jane Barnes during a public meeting that two of his male fellow-board members escorted him out with strong words for his behavior. Unfortunately, Vince has been responsive to no one.

As fellow citizens, we have the responsibility to speak up when this type of situation develops. It is our moral obligation to say, "Enough is enough!" Condoning this type of behavior sends the message to society in general, and our children specifically, that domestic abuse is acceptable. It's not. It never is.

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