Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 26, Vince Makes the Right Decision

It has been 26 days since the July 25th deadline imposed on Vince Chowdhury to resign from the Jefferson County Board of Education by his fellow members. Finally after 25 days of digging in his heels and ignoring the the public's demand for his resignation, Vince has given notice that he is resigning from the Jeffco School Board effective August 21st. It is about time he decided to listen to the citizens of Jeffco and let the school district move on with the important business of educating children.

We, the organizers of the recall campaign, are grateful for all of the community and media support that we received throughout this time. We hope that this process has demonstrated to the students of Jeffco that a small number of people can make a difference. We stood up and took a stand against a domestic abuser and others rallied behind us. Societal injustices need leaders that are willing to put their busy lives aside and do something about them. Victims need advocates who are willing to expose their abusers and protect others from them. That's what Jeffco's anti-bully programs are all about. Protecting others, solving problems non-violently and taking responsibilities for one's actions. Vince's actions and words set a terrible example for the students of Jeffco but hopefully these students saw the bigger picture over the last few months.

With Vince's resignation, the recall campaign's work is finished. It's sad that the Jeffco Board of Education members, the Jeffco School District, the citizens of Jeffco, and Vince's family had to suffer through the last 25 days. We wish Kathy Chowdhury and her two daughters all the best as they move forward and begin to heal from this experience. Our hearts have been with you throughout these past two months.

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