Monday, August 4, 2008

More People Coming Forward with Information About Vince's Abusive Temper

Vince Chowdhury's arrest for slapping and allegedly choking his 16 year-old daughter is bringing people out of the woodwork! People who have in the past been too intimidated by Vince's anger and threats to say anything publicly.

This is a part of the cycle of domestic violence and abuse. The abuser threatens the victim and tries to make the victim feel like it's her fault. Vince did this by saying it was his daughter's fault that he lost his cool when she wouldn't open the garage door. Now others, some referring to incidents that happened years ago, are contacting us.

It's hard to speak up about abuse. Oftentimes women are as frightened by how they'll be perceived in public as much as they fear their abuser. Abusers, and specifically Vince, has threatened people he associated with. People have seen him go into rages. I hope these people are willing to overcome their fear of Vince and his threats. Moreover, that these people are willing to go public with what they've seen and heard and even speak at the Aug. 21st school board meeting.

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