Saturday, August 2, 2008

Reasons Behind School Board Recall Sharpen

I was saddened to read Vince Chowdhury's recent comments in the Rocky Mountain News this morning.  While I am still holding out hope that he will finally accept responsibility for his actions and set a good example for the children of Jeffco by stepping down, that is clearly not the case this morning.  Instead, Vince has attempted to divert personal responsibility by blaming this potential recall on a phantom vendetta and has verbally attacked the women charged with holding him accountable.

Perhaps a remedial summary is necessary for this elected official.  On June 25th, Vince physically assaulted his own daughter and threatened his wife, earning him a night in jail and three criminal charges against him.  On June 26th, he violated a protective order twice and once again was sent to jail.  He falsely listed the phone number to his wife's school on his arrest affidavit instead of his home and work numbers.  On July 8th, Vince pleaded guilty to 3rd degree assault and received a one-year deferred sentence that included mandatory anger management classes.  That same evening, fellow board members took time away from their families during their summer vacation to gather and publicly request his resignation.  They respectfully requested that Vince respond to them by July 25th.  

To the best of my knowledge, Vince has still not responded to  his own board members.  Instead, he has attempted to divert responsibility by stating that "everyone has pretty much destroyed my life", (RMN, July 11th) and "these are nothing but personal vendettas against me" (RMN, August 2).  Well, let me set the record straight.  We want him to resign for the following reasons:  

1.  His colleagues on the Jeffco School Board have formally requested his resignation.
2.  His actions violate the same student code of conduct that he is charged with defending and upholding.
3.  As an elected official, he should be held to a higher standard.  School board members set the moral tone for the district and Vince should be setting a better example for the students and staff of the district.
4.  His assaultive behavior and diversionary tactics send the wrong message to our children.  We want our children to understand that while everyone makes mistakes, you become a better person by acknowledging those mistakes and accepting the consequences.
5.  Vince is not the victim in this matter.  His wife and daughter are.  

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