Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The People Have Decided

It looks like "the people have decided" not to support Vince Chowdhury in his Jeffco House District race. What a surprise that Chowdhury was soundly defeated after his arrest on June 17th for domestic abuse and subsequent guilty plea on July 8th to 3rd degree assault on his 16 year-old daughter!

Now perhaps Chowdhury will comply with the Jeffco School Board's request to resign from the Jeffco Board of Education. We've heard lots of whining from Chowdhury about "issues" he has with those who are demanding his resignation from the school board. It is time for him to stop the "Everybody has pretty much destroyed my life." and own up to his own actions. The citizens of Jeffco have made it pretty clear that his future as an elected official is now over.

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